Dear  Colleagues and Friends,

The 7th edition of the International Congress, which will revolve around the theme ‘Skin on the Move – Dermatological Diseases and Global Health’, will be held in Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Axum and Shiraro in Ethiopia between 3-9 November 2019. We are pleased to invite all of you to participate in the international meeting, in which we will share our years of experience working in the health sector and carrying out several projects in Ethiopia.

The Congress will be the first “International Congress outside the borders” in which we will study and debate on crucial questions about Dermatological Diseases and Global Health. We will discuss about it first in Mekelle, the capital city of Tigray Region, and later in towns bordering Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan.

The Congress is open to dermatologists, health professionals, anthropologists, sociologists, journalists and all specialists interested in promoting and supporting research, strengthening primary health systems, studying the socio-political and cultural contexts, and improving collaboration between local communities and health workers in a country where diseases of poverty are widespread and neglected.

The Scientific program will consist of clinical sessions, which will be held in local public facilities in remote areas, workshops, state-of-the-art lectures and free discussions with distinguished experts from all over the world. Meeting local communities, observing the geopolitical context and the latest socio-cultural events, will also be an important part of the Congress. The Congress will be a good opportunity to discover the hospitality, history and beauty of a particularly interesting country.

We hope, therefore, that you will find this Congress attractive both for its scientific and social aspects.

The Scientific Director
Prof. Aldo Morrone